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Industrial project logistics is a specific activity that requires special care and attention.

Each project requires a great deal of know-how, constant attention to detail, and efficient employees who are fully conversant with multimodal freight techniques and have tools adapted to the size of the project.

CERL has been assisting its customers for many years in the conquest of new international markets.

Our teams design solutions tailored to your industrial challenges and coordinate them from the first stages of project feasibility to final delivery…

Customized transport

Whatever the size or nature of your project, CERL builds its organization and services around the customized transportation of your project. Each particular case of transportation becomes a CERL service perfectly adapted to the company’s strategy.

Some examples: transport of machinery, routing of equipment, shipment of industrial lines or relocation of a factory…

A proven methodology

With the experience of our customers, we have developed an efficient methodology. Regardless of the size of your project, CERL guarantees specialized resources, complete expertise and total coordination of operations. Our solutions are adapted to the unique nature of your project and are supported by a network of partners on every continent of the world! Our global presence guarantees you an end-to-end service.

We comply with all the regulations and standards involved in industrial project management, whatever the sector of activity: oil & gas, petroleum, construction, wind power, steel, boiler making, nuclear, military, etc. Throughout the project, the steering and coordination methods and tools designed and used by CERL ensure the follow-up and transparency of logistics operations. Our role only ends when your goods are delivered to the final site!

CERL offers customized solutions in the following sectors:

  • Energy: oil, gas, plant, power plant, wind power, moving machinery, etc.
  • Chemistry & petrochemistry: plant, waste, etc.
  • Exploitation: construction or agricultural machinery, construction, site, site supply, etc.
  • Infrastructure: bridge, airport, roads, railroads, locomotive, etc.
  • Industrial facilities: construction, extension, exceptional transport, etc.
  • Sensitive equipment: nuclear, military, etc. : nucléaire, militaires, etc.

A team dedicated solely to your project

Whatever your mode of transportation, your dedicated team will oversee every step of your project, from the point of departure to the destination, through customs and the chartering of the necessary transports.

Your customer file will include a feasibility study, the choice of routes, traffic permits, optimization of transport modes and the final solution proposed.

  • Multimodal transport and modal shift,
  • Transport planning and scheduling,
  • Synchronization of logistics and transport flows,
  • Management of supply orders,
  • Multi-province transport – cross-trade,
  • Exceptional transport and chartering of ships or aircraft,
  • On-site delivery with often very complex constraints,
  • Supervision of loading and/or unloading,
  • The respect of the general planning of the project with objectives and penalties.
CERL Transitaire à Lyon

CERL your partner for industrial project logistics

The industrial project is above all a matter for specialists where experience and innovation must be present. Each project is unique and special.

We take into account your requirements and then propose the best solutions for the means of transport, packaging, specific equipment, handling and the choice of maritime, river, air or rail partners…

Examples of support for industrial project logistics

Industrial project transport material

Transport of materials from Castries to various sites in France

CERL transported more than 255 tons of various materials for conventional marine works from Castries.

Transport machine agricultural transport

Exceptional transport of agricultural and construction equipment

CERL carried out the exceptional Ro/Ro transport of a 62 ton KOMATSU dumper from France to Cyprus.

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