Solutions for logistics of industrial projects
Solutions for logistics of industrial projects
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Industrial-project logistics is a specific activity that requires careful management and special attention. Each project requires in-depth expertise, hard work at times and effective employees who perfectly master most of the techniques in the multi-modal freight and have the right tools suited to the size of the projects.

CERL’s ambition is to support its customers in conquering new markets across the world. Our teams design solutions tailored to your industrial needs and coordinate from the very first feasibility stages of the project until final delivery

Industrial projects are, above all, specialist projects where experience and innovation are imperative. Each project being specific and unique cases.

Barge transport

Specific transport management

Transporting agricultural machinery in the Dominican Republic, sending equipment to jack-up rigs in Réunion, shipping industrial chains in Nigeria or relocating a factory to China: whatever the size or nature of your project, CERL has structured itself and its benefits around tailored transport. Each particular case of transport thereby becoming a CERL service perfectly adapted to the company’s strategy.

Overall logistics management of your project

Thanks to its experience with these multiple clients, CERL has developed specific expertise in multiple sectors.  Regardless of the scale of your project, CERL guarantees specialist resources, complete expertise  and the entire coordination of operations.

Our solutions adapt to the unique nature of your project and rely on a network of partners spread over every continent of the planet! Our teams mobilise themselves to ensure the flow of your goods under the best schedule and pricing conditions.

We take into account your requirements and then offer you the best solutions in terms of means of transport, packaging, specific equipment, handling and the choice of maritime, river, air or rail shipping partners.

Tailored shipments guaranteed to all our customers

We respect all regulations and standards involved in managing industrial project regardless of the industry: Oil & Gas, petroleum, construction and public works, wind, steel, sheet metalwork, nuclear, military, etc. CERL has also chosen to utilise several networks of specialist agents in order to provide global coverage in more than 160 countries. Our global presence guarantees you an end-to-end service.

Throughout the project, the steering and coordination methods and tools designed and used by CERL ensure close monitoring and transparency in all logistics operations.  Our role ends only when your goods are delivered on the final site! Customer satisfaction, which is measured on each project, is always an absolute must for CERL.

CERL’s industrial-project services

Whatever your mode of transport, we oversee all stages of your projects, from the point of departure to the destination via customs and chartering the transport required.

  • Multi-modal transport and modal shift, an often tricky stage of the project,
  • Planning and timing a significant number of transport methods,
  • Synchronizing logistics flows and transport,
  • Managing supply orders across the world,
  • Multi-origin transport requiring cross-trade expertise,
  • Special consignments and the chartering of ships or aircraft,
  • On-site delivery with often very complex constraints,
  • Supervising loading or unloading operations,
  • Following a overall project schedule with targets and penalties.
Industrial transport
Platform transport

Examples of achievements in Industrial Project

Shipment of petroleum equipment

Shipment of 1865 cbm – 312 t of oilfield equipment from Calais/France to Sekondi/Ghana.

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Le Havre – Caucedo

Expedition of agricultural machinery

Shipment of an agricultural truck 11×2.50×3.10m
15t on a 40’flat rack container from Le Havre to Caucedo.

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