The provision of supplies to international construction sites requires door-to-door management and coordination of the logistical chain.

For companies operating in the Oil and Gas, Energy or construction and public works sectors, international construction sites are dependent on their supply chain and its effectiveness :

  • The synchronisation of logistical flows,
  • Delivery to work or construction sites, including in remote or hazardous locations,
  • Operational security,
  • Familiarity with local regulations,
  • Project tracking and coordination of the various participants,
  • Taking account of environmental standards.

YOUR REQUIREMENTS SUPPLY YOUR International construction sites


  • Suitable vehicle: flat-bed trailer, platform truck …
  • Advance study – route planning
  • Administrative authorisations from the relevant authorities
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Deployment of handling resources
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  • A team specially dedicated to chartering and industrial projects
  • Partial or complete vessel charters (all regions)
  • Tailored operational supervision and tracking
  • Coordination of the various participants
  • Administrative and documentary assistance
  • Cost and deadline management
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  • Wheeled transport or carried on flat-bed trailer
  • Choice of port and terminals
  • Customs operations: temporary
  • Deadline compliance
  • Operational tracking
  • Delivery to the worksite or construction site
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CONTAINERS : In-Gauge and Out-Of-Gauge

  • Pre-shipment transportation
  • Port traction
  • Port loading operations
  • Customs’ formalities
  • Documentation
  • Tailored tracking of maritime operations
  • Port unloading operations
  • Post-shipment transportation
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Our completed projects

Discover some of CERL’s successes in the field of international construction sites. They are the ultimate showcase for our unique know-how.

Transport of two railway cars for a tourist train in the Grenoble region

Transport of two railway cars for a tourist train in the Grenoble region

In 2021, CERL carried out the lifting and exceptional transport of a 60 ton locomotive in […]
Air transport of a parcel from France to Peru

Air transport of a parcel from France to Peru

CERL transported in 2021 for one of its customers a parcel by air transport from France […]
Transport in International construction sites
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