Nos services douanes
Nos services douanes
Transitaire CERL

International transport is an activity of specialists; it requires expertise and special skills. CERL operates both international and national and European level with a network of independent agents specialized in global project logistics. We offer global coverage in over 160 countries.

These networks of specialized agents have experience and local knowledge in logistics. They provide a retro activity of our services with maximum reliability. CERL can be represented simultaneously on different points of departure, as well as in the final consignee to control the proper conduct of all operations.

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Our services about customs formalities

Customs formalities

Authorized Economic Operator certified since 2010, this approach allows to our customers to benefit AEO assets and permits to certify by an European diploma the efforts accomplished by CERL to improve its processes, its customs expertise and its environment safety.

CERL is able to provide you all customs facilities available :

  • Tracking of customs operations, collecting required documents,
  • Obtain necessary authorization,
  • Transit between successive countries,
  • Country difficult to access,
  • Dangerous areas.

Value-added services

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