Companies tend to use air freight for two key reasons: SPEED and SECURITY.

To meet these key requirements, CERL’s air freight activity is based on :

  • Its status as a Regulated Agent, which facilitates and guarantees the fast and efficient securing of merchandise,
  • Access to a full range of freight security services (including dog teams),
  • AEOF certification, which seeks to maximise the fluidity of customs operations, including at the end destination,
  • The tailored tracking of the handling operations and boarding on regular flights,
  • A department dedicated to the chartering of all types of cargo aircraft,
  • One of the most effective global networks dedicated to air freight,
  • Proactive cost and deadline management.

Chartering aircraft : what do I need to know ?

Contrary to many misconceptions, chartering a cargo aircraft can be an extremely useful and above all competitive solution in many cases for the transportation of out-of-gauge merchandise, for which maritime transport poses numerous problems concerning deadline compliance, merchandise integrity or accessibility.

Among the key stages in ensuring the success of an aircraft chartering operation, CERL‘s experts advise you:

  • To carefully choose the right aircraft size,
  • To then choose the most suitable airport compatible with the chosen aircraft,
  • To meticulously focus on the pre- and post-shipment solutions,
  • To set aside any preconceptions concerning the prices practised by airline companies specialising in the provision of cargo aircraft, these being close to the standard prices for regular air freight,
  • To consider the overall cost of the project taking account of the deadline and security-related benefits provided by air transport.

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Our completed projects

Discover some of CERL’s successes in the air transport field. They are the ultimate showcase for our unique know-how

Air transport of a box from China to Peru

Air transport of a box from China to Peru

In 2021 CERL transported by air a one ton box from China to Peru. The pre-transportation […]
Air transport of a parcel from France to Peru

Air transport of a parcel from France to Peru

CERL transported in 2021 for one of its customers a parcel by air transport from France […]


exclusive CERLThis is the success rate of the aircraft charter projects managed by CERL and its expert teams specialising in the transportation of out-of-gauge merchandise.

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