Logistical innovation is often measured by a company’s ability to propose the best route for the goods. Deadlines, security, costs, risks and the environment are the main factors.

Multimodal transport is one of the key aspects of logistical innovation in the 21st century and CERL has chosen to make this one of its specialities.

Whether we are dealing with heavy or special loads, conventional batches or simple containers, a faster, safer, more economical or cleaner alternative multimodal solution often exists :

  • Inland waterway transport to replace road transport,
  • Transport by barge before or after maritime transportation,
  • Rail transport to replace road transport,
  • Solutions combining inland waterway or rail transport with air freight.

CERL possesses specific know-how in the multimodal transport field :

  • Expertise with each transport method,
  • Extensive experience in the management of intermodal transfers,
  • The deployment of handling solutions,
  • Tailored operational supervision and surveillance,
  • Coordination of the various participants,
  • Administrative and documentary assistance,
  • The real-time management of unforeseen issues,
  • Cost and deadline management.

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Our completed projects

Discover some of CERL’s successes in the multimodal transport field. They are the ultimate showcase for our unique know-how.

Transport of a press and a crate from Lyon to Fos

Transport of a press and a crate from Lyon to Fos

In October 2018, CERL carried out the barge transport of a press and road transport of […]
Vatry – Pointe Noire

Vatry – Pointe Noire

Shipment of 2 containers on a charter flight to Pointe Noire

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