Industrial project transport
Industrial project transport
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CLC Projects is a network of forwarding agents and shipping agents that includes the key players in the Industrial Project and Special Transport sectors.

The members form a strong alliance capable of competing with the world’s biggest groups and providing their customers with ever more closely adapted, competitive services.

A meeting on the subject of the out-of-gauge and the industrial project

CERL attended the latest major meeting of the CLC Projects network in the end of 2016: an opportunity for CERL to rub shoulders with the leading international players and discuss the latest innovations in heavy package and industrial project transport with its network partners.

The chosen venue for the CLC Projects meeting was highly symbolic: Panama.

The Panama Canal was the last mammoth transport infrastructure project; the inauguration of the widening project took place in July after nine years’ work.

Today, the canal connects 144 shipping lanes carrying goods to 1,700 ports in 160 countries!

CERL as a specialist in logistics and transport for industrial projects

All the latest Industrial Project topics were covered during the various meetings and our discussions with our partners were highly productive.

CERL was able to demonstrate the full range of its know-how in the organisation of international transport and logistics for industrial projects.


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