CERL, your international freight forwarder facilitates your daily logistic activities.

With this in mind, our Value-Added Services have been designed to make life easier for all participants in the international supply chain.

CERL the International freight forwarde facilitates your formalities :

  • Customs operations,
  • Documentary formalities: documentary credit,
  • Inter-country transit operations,
  • Collecting the required documents,
  • Obtaining the necessary authorisations,
  • Legalisation of documents,
  • Export advice,
  • Insurance for the transportation of goods,
  • Translation into English, German, Chinese, Spanish.

An operational facilitator :

  • Industrial packing and packaging,
  • Short or long-term warehousing,
  • High volume handling operations,
  • Container loading.

Facilitating globalisation :

  • Centralised supply management,
  • Cross trade tracking.

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We simplify the work of actors in the international supply chain!