Transferring an industrial site abroad can be an extremely delicate operation. This is a crucial moment for your company and you can’t afford to leave anything to chance, especially the logistical and transport side of things.

The international logistics for the transfer of an industrial site must meet a number of very precise requirements :

  • Synchronisation of transport flows with upstream and downstream sites,
  • Operational security,
  • Familiarity with local regulations,
  • Project tracking and coordination of participants,
  • Familiarity with special consignments.



  • Suitable vehicle : flat-bed trailer, platform truck …
  • Advance study – route planning
  • Administrative authorisations from the relevant authorities
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Deployment of handling resources
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CONTAINERS: In-Gauge and Out-Of-Gauge

  • Pre-shipment transportation
  • Port traction
  • Port loading operations
  • Customs’ formalities
  • Documentation
  • Tailored tracking of maritime operations
  • Port unloading operations
  • Post-shipment transportation
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Our completed projects

Discover some of CERL’s successes in the field of the transfer of industrial sites. They are the ultimate showcase for our unique know-how.

Transport of various materials from Castries to various sites in France

Transport of various materials from Castries to various sites in France

CERL transported over 255 tons of various materials for conventional marine work from Castries during 2021. […]
Self-lifting platform Port Reunion

Self-lifting platform Port Reunion

The issue of this very demanding industrial project was to coordinate and organize the pick-up, ocean […]
Transfers of industrial sites with CERL