Comparing transport for industrial projects to standard transport services is rather like comparing haute-couture to the ready to wear clothing industry.

This is a highly specific activity requiring a high degree of know-how, discipline and meticulousness at all times and skilled staff fully familiar with most of the techniques used in multimodal freight, using equipment and resources adapted to the scale of the project.

Although many service providers will claim that they can transport anything and everything, in reality very few of them possess genuine experience in the organisation and implementation of major industrial transportation projects. However, the slightest mistake can be very costly as often it can have a major impact on the company’s plans.

CERL’s « Industrial Projects » team possesses expertise in 9 key areas :

  • Multimodal transport and modal transfers, which can often be a delicate stage in any project,
  • The planning and scheduling of a large number of transport operations,
  • The synchronisation of logistical and transport flows,
  • The management of procurement orders on a worldwide basis,
  • Transport from several points of origin requiring extensive cross-trade know-how,
  • Special consignments and the chartering of ships or aircraft,
  • On-site deliveries, often subject to extremely complex constraints,
  • The supervision of loading or unloading operations,
  • Ensuring compliance with an overall project plan, complete with objectives and penalties,

Successfully managing these complex skills requires highly experienced and motivated staff able to guarantee :

  • A high degree of flexibility in order to be able to adapt to complex scenarios,
  • Discipline and meticulousness at all times,
  • A high level of responsiveness to deal with random issues arising during the project,
  • Good communication skills,
  • A high degree of motivation, focused on the project,
  • A level of availability and mobility adapted to the needs of the project,
  • Sound training in logistics, international transport and foreign languages,
  • Expertise in multimodal freight procurement,
  • Excellent knowledge of global logistical systems,
  • Full familiarity with project management methods and the related systems and resources.

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Our completed projects

Discover some of CERL’s successes in the field of logistical services for industrial projects. They are the ultimate showcase for our unique know-how.

Transport of various materials from Castries to various sites in France

Transport of various materials from Castries to various sites in France

CERL transported over 255 tons of various materials for conventional marine work from Castries during 2021. […]
Self-lifting platform Port Reunion

Self-lifting platform Port Reunion

The issue of this very demanding industrial project was to coordinate and organize the pick-up, ocean […]


L2P Logistics

The L2P methodology, Logistics Projects Performance, was developed by international industrial transport experts working with experts from CERL, the initiator and owner of this methodology.

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