CERL has chosen to draw upon a number of networks of specialised agents in order to be able to offer global coverage in more than 160 countries.

Thanks to expertly skilled and highly reliable partners in each activity area, the CERL network is unique thanks to its service quality.

Created by CERL, the L2P network is currently in the process of being set up, and this concentration of excellence is further enhanced through the adoption of a single methodology for the management of logistics for industrial projects.

Why choose a network of specialised agents?

  • Integrated networks are focused not on excellence but on profit,
  • Networks of “all-purpose” agents do not possess the required expertise for CERL’s activities,
  • The networks of specialised agents chosen by CERL share the same goals,
  • The specialised agents possess greater expertise of the local culture with regard to logistics and transport regulations,
  • The expert forums created by the members of the CERL network are valuable sources of information.

Our networks of partners

CERL network partners