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G20 Summit: New Corridor Project To Link India to Europe Through Middle East

At the recent G20 summit in New Delhi, members made a major announcement that could redefine […]

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LOM and freight transport

The draft Mobility Orientation Law (LOM in french) was approved by the Senate in mid-June 2019. […]

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Multimodal transport a contrasting year

VNF (Voies navigables de France), a public administrative network operator, has published a report on the […]

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Haropa Rouen the future European leader of Breakbulk ?

Pursuing its search for industrial synergy along the Seine river, Haropa, the new entity grouping 3 […]

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The heavy lift transport by inland waterway in Rhone valley

Relieved by several media, like «The Echos» and «The Antenna» the balance sheet of the river […]

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New website CERL

Our company is pleased to put online its new website. You will find all the information […]

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