Import-Export en 2023
Import-Export en 2023
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From 2023, important reforms concerning import procedures will come into effect.

Several formalities will have to be carried out by supply chain operators.

The import-export overhaul aims to ensure a complete dematerialization of exchanges between customs and companies.

The date of completion of this work is set at 31 December 2025 by the Customs Code of the Union.

ICS – Import Control System

The Import Control System (ICS) is a procedure initiated by the European Union within the framework of the WCO SAFE standards to secure the flow of international trade at import. The challenge is to fight against threats related to the transport of malicious and prohibited products by communicating data to the competent authorities before the arrival of the goods on the territory.

In order to replace this obsolete system, a second version of the ICS is progressively deployed to meet the new protection objectives set by the EU Customs Code.  ICS 2 will allow authorities to check all goods before they enter the EU through a centralized IT system.

The deployment of ICS2 is staggered in 3 phases by transport mode:

  • March 1, 2021: Air express preloading and air mail preloading
  • March 1, 2023: All air cargo
  • March 1, 2024: All modes of transport (sea, road and rail)

New import/export formalities to remember in 2023

ICS 2 and ENS – Pre-clearance

Issuance of a new security-security declaration for goods before their entry into the European Union. This new computer system will conduct an automatic analysis of the “entry summary declarations” (ENS) submitted by the various supply chain actors.

The result of the analysis of the data contained in the ENS will be transmitted to the customs of the member states, which will be able to validate the declaration or carry out additional controls. ICS 2 is based on the collection of approximately 200 data items from carriers and other supply chain actors.

PNTS: Notification of presentation of goods and temporary storage – Pre-clearance

When goods arrive in the country, they must be presented to customs and placed in temporary storage in order to carry out any controls.

A Notification of presentation is issued in the presentation system of the Member State. The related formalities must be carried out in a dedicated computer system (PNTS in France: temporary storage, release for free circulation).

The regularity of the ICS2 will be a condition of validity of all other subsequent formalities.

DELTA IE – Customs clearance

Delta Import-Export is a new customs clearance platform that will replace Delta G and X for the preparation of customs declarations. This new platform will allow interoperability with other European customs IS.

Eventually, DELTA IE will enable customs declarations to be received and processed in electronic format for the import and export of goods between the European Union and a third country. Many changes will take place for transport operators.

For example, the SAD (Single Administrative Document) will be abolished in favor of a declaration sent electronically to customs (H1 declaration for imports and H7 declaration for exports).

Key dates in 2023 for transport operators

2023 import export calendar: second half of 2023

Delta IE opening for import.

Import export calendar 2023: June 1, 2023

Start of the ICS 2 and PNTS phase for the air transport mode.

Import export calendar 2023: July 1, 2023

DELTA IE on import becomes mandatory for all import declarations.

Import export calendar 2023: October 1, 2023

End of migration for air cargo operators and start of Delta IE for export.

CERL Transitaire à Lyon

CERL, the turnkey freight forwarder

With the arrival of the ICS 2/Delta IE couple and the obligation for operators to provide much more precise data on imported goods, freight forwarders should regain a preponderant role in the fluidity and security of customs import operations.

Our teams are regularly trained to master the latest customs, fiscal and regulatory developments. We manage all the formalities related to the export or import of your goods in all ports and airports and whatever your goods are.

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