Approvisionnement de matériaux chantier BTP
Approvisionnement de matériaux chantier BTP
Transitaire CERL

Many French and European companies exporting their industrial know-how in the world and thus contribute to the achievement of ambitious international projects.  Among the sectors concerned include construction companies who have expertise in the art structures, tall buildings or industrial sites and transport infrastructure.

The streams of energy, including the « Oil and Gas » sector are also dynamic international sectors.

The organization of an international construction site is a complex matter. The logistical challenge of a construction site is to anticipate and optimize the organization of the various resources needed to complete the work in the best conditions. This implies a good control of flows!

CERL your trusted partner for construction site supply

The supply of building site flows is a complex problem which requires a know-how and an important experience. It is necessary to find the right compromise between efficient delivery time and reasonable price!  To be accompanied by CERL on your building sites is to benefit from unique services:

  • Analysis of your projects and adapted and personalized offer,
  • A dedicated and specialized team for the supply international projects,
  • Recognized experience in special consignments and heavy loads,
  • Customized loading and handling,
  • Delivery on site, including in perilous or remote areas,
  • Synchronisation of logistical flows,
  • Operational security,
  • Familiarity with local regulations,
  • Project tracking and coordination of the various participants,
  • Taking account of environmental standards,
  • Discharge of administrative and customs formalities,
  • Control of your budget.

CERL meets all the logistics needs of international construction sites.

During the entire project, the methods and tools for steering and coordination designed and used by CERL ensure a follow-up and transparency of the logistic operations:

  • Special transport with route reconnaissance and preliminary selection of the most suitable vehicle,
  • Ship chartering with coordination and supervision of loading and unloading,
  • Transport of rolling stock
  • Transportation of rolling stock or management of goods in containers « in gauge » or « out of gauge ».

With CERL save time for the management of your international projects!

CERL Transport

CERL offers a unique solution to help you manage your flows.

Our teams can assist you in solving your supply problems in France and abroad.

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