Oil and Gas

Logistical activities in the Oil and Gas industrial chain require a high level of control and flawless synchronisation of door-to-door logistics in order to constantly guarantee :

  • Safety and security,
  • Conformity of the services provided,
  • Integrity of your merchandise,
  • Regulatory and environmental compliance.


The energy sector includes a number of state-of-the-art and highly diverse activities such as the hydroelectric and nuclear industries or new industries such as solar and wind power. The concentration of know-how at a global level means that companies face crucial logistical challenges in this sector.

The production of equipment and machinery for the energy industry involves major international companies including equipment manufacturers and private or national energy producers.

The logistical engineers must constantly plan and develop tailored logistical operations in order to supply unique solutions :

  • Regardless of the scale of the projects,
  • By taking account of the specific characteristics of the equipment or the geographical region,
  • In strict compliance with safety and security regulations.

Heavy industry and Engineering

The aeronautical, environmental or surface treatment industries are all examples of industries requiring what can sometimes be highly complex supply chains. When it comes to keeping the production lines fed, the stakes are high and effective logistical and transport solutions are vital :

  • Coordination of international suppliers,
  • Deadline compliance to keep production lines running,
  • Scheduling of the supply of parts to the site.

Public Works and Civil Engineering

Logistical activities in the Civil Engineering or Public works sectors can often involve delivering to impressive artistic structures, very tall buildings, industrial sites and transport hubs or infrastructure

Petrochemicals and Chemicals

The petrochemical and chemical industries involve a whole range of constraints which also apply to the various participants in the international logistics chain, entailing extensive know-how and compliance with what can sometimes be contradictory requirements:

  • Compliance with health and sanitary requirements,
  • Protection of temperature-sensitive products,
  • Safety and security requirements,
  • Cost optimisation.

Special feature : Supplying international construction sites

The provision of supplies to international construction sites requires door-to-door management and coordination of the logistical chain…

Many French and European companies export their industrial know-how worldwide, involving them in ambitious international construction projects.

Supplying these international construction sites logistically can be a real challenge which very few specialists are able to assume without encountering difficulties. Extensive know-how is vital to ensure optimal management and the perfect synchronisation of operations in total safety and security, and in compliance with standards and regulations.

CERL is expertly skilled where these logistical challenges are concerned and is able to meet all requirements relating to international construction sites including special consignments with advance route planning and a choice of the most appropriate vehicle, maritime chartering with the coordination and supervision of loading and unloading operations, transportation of rolling stock or the processing of merchandise in “in gauge” and “out of gauge” containers. Throughout the whole project, the management and coordination methods and resources designed and used by CERL ensure effective tracking and transparency for your logistical operations. Customer satisfaction (which is measured for each project) is always assured with CERL.

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Our completed projects

Discover some of CERL’s successes in the fields of heavy industry, energy and public works. They are the ultimate showcase for our unique know-how.

Transport of an alternator from France to the Caribbean

Transport of an alternator from France to the Caribbean

In 2023, CERL orchestrated the transport of an alternator on a flat-rack from France to the […]
Intra-European transport of parcels from Spain

Intra-European transport of parcels from Spain

During the year 2023, CERL carried out an exceptional intra-European transport project, starting in Spain. This […]

Special feature: the transportation of rolling stock

exclusive CERL

The transportation of international special consignments of rolling stock should always be handled by specialists known for their experience and innovation.

This sector’s requirements may concern various forms of equipment:

  • – Construction equipment, whether wheeled or otherwise (mechanical diggers, cranes, compressors, electric generating sets, concrete-mixing equipment, etc.),
  • – Rolling stock or equipment carried on flat-bed trailer.

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