Port de Marseille
Port de Marseille
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The port of Marseille-FOS had a relatively stable year in 2018 with traffic of more than 81 million tonnes, up 1%.

Sea container traffic increased by 2%.

The solid bulk also increases very strongly!

First port of France, Marseille Fos is a global port with infrastructures that can handle all types of traffic (liquid bulk, dry bulk, hydrocarbons, various goods, passengers, etc.).

Freight transport at the Port of Marseille-FOS

Freight transport at the Port of Marseille-FOS

The port of Marseille-FOS is the first French port all sectors combined on its two basins (East and West). This year, container traffic grew by 2% with 13 MT processed for 1.4 million TEUs.

The container business benefits from the opening of two new lines by Maersk Line connecting the port of Marseille-Fos to Canada and the Middle East.

River traffic rose by 31% in 2018, all goods combined. Containerized river traffic shows more than 10% in the second half of the year.

Rail traffic also grew by 5% in the East and West basins. General merchandise traffic fell 1% from 2017 with 20.2 Mt.

Transport of solid bulk

In 2018, solid bulk traffic increased by 12% to 15.2 Mt.

This change is due to the steel industry with 9.4 Mt and the agri-food bulk with 430 000 tonnes processed in 2018.

Dry Bulk traffic increased 37% to 5.4 Mt processed in the first half of 2018.

The liquid bulk industry ended 2018 with a slight decline (5.5 Mt, – 2.2%).

Logistics in 2018 at the port of Marseille-FOS

In a press release of the GPMM, we learn that the year 2018 was “a very dynamic year in terms of industrial and logistics.”

On the side of industrial sites, we can mention: the commissioning of the first building of 45,000 m² IDEC park, the extension of the areas dedicated to cars, an agreement signed with Corsica Linea. The port of Marseille-Fos has thus invested 60 million euros in 2018 on the Strategic Project 2014-2018 dedicated to the development of high potential activities.

containers transport Marseille

CERL, our transport services for the Port of Marseille-FOS

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CERL frequently carries out transport operations to Marseille FOS, do not hesitate to consult some examples of projects carried out by the CERL teams

Transport FOS SUR MER

Transport of a press and a crate from Lyon to Fos

Marseille container

Special consignments from the Lyon area to Fos

Transport Marseille FOS

Transport of two Swivels – Fos sur Mer – Singapore

Transport Marseille Asie

Transport Marseille FOS to Shanghai

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