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Global air freight traffic grew by 11.4% over the summer, showing double-digit growth for three months in a row…

Finally, global air freight is seeing a bright spell!

According to the figures published by the IATA (International Air Transport Association), traffic had already grown by 10.4% at the start of the year, in comparison to the first six months of 2016.

What’s more, according to the IATA, this growth has outstripped capacity.

This has had a positive influence on the fill coefficient and per-unit revenue.

A record year ?

Air Cargo

The air freight sector is finally coming into its own: 2017 is looking like a record-breaking year. The IATA has also upgraded their profitability forecasts for the air industry for 2017, estimating that airline companies will make a profit of 31.4 billion dollars this year, instead of 29.8 billion dollars in their previous estimate.

This uptick is rooted in improved global trade, with an increasing number of exports. European companies are the number one beneficiaries of this surge. They have shown an increase in traffic of more than 13.6%. Asia-Pacific companies have grown by 10.1% and North American companies have also seen an increase of 9.3%.

Middle Eastern companies are growing at a slower pace of 7.6%. There has also been a significant increase in traffic handled by African transporters.  Over the first six months of the year, their traffic increased by 25.9%. This record growth can be explained by increased demand, stimulated by an increase in transport to and from Asia.

chartering plane

Time and security, the benefits of air travel

Aircraft chartering

These developments have been profitable for CERL’s clients. Air transport provides a great many solutions for logistics needs and requirements around the world.

Whether oil or gas, classified and hazardous products, humanitarian aid, factory installations or supplies, more and more industrial sectors are turning to cargo planes to ship their freight.

Air transport is fast and reliable, guaranteeing optimum transport time.  Right now, this is the most secure form of transport in the world.

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