CERL - Convoi exceptionnel et projet industriel

Special consignments and heavy loads

Industrial projects Special consignments and heavy loads Multimodal cargo Maritime transport Air freight

Lyon – Singapore

September 2014 : Air Charter IL76 Transport of goods from Lyon to Singapore From the French […]

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Fos – Shanghai

One CRATE 15.36 X 3.16 X 3.00M 63T5 One CRATE 15.76 X 2.10 X 4.50M 63T […]

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Heat Exchanger

Shipment of a heat exchanger 26.40 x 8.00 x 7.92m 443 t from Tarragona/Spain to Paradip/India

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Barging Paradip Port

Transfer from HL vessel to barge

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Shipment of 3 reels 8.60 x 8.60 x 5.40m 44t from Le Trait to Newcastle

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France – New York, PA USA

Shipments of forged pieces from Le Creusot to DAP York via Baltimore on ro/ro vessels

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Sete / Jinhae

Shipment of risers from Sete/France to Jinhae/South Korea 1614 cbm – 792 t

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Le Havre – Caucedo

Shipment of an agricultural truck 11×2.50×3.10m 15t on a 40’flat rack container from Le Havre to […]

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Desalination plant

Desalination plant from ex works China to Dammam shipment by barge and chartered heavy lift vessel […]

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Antwerp – Houston

Shipment of 15 heavy duty trailers from Antwerp to Houston USA 641 cbm – 339 t

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Antwerp – Bangkok

One drum and spares 8.70X3.50X3.70 m – 25t

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Rotterdam – Saint Marcel

Transport of a 169t heavy nozzle shell from Rotterdam to Saint Marcel/France by barge and truck

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