Rules of origin
Rules of origin
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Rules of origin are criteria for determining the country of origin of a product. But in a globalized economy, knowing the origin of a commodity has become complex! However, they are essential for setting rights and restrictions on products.

International transport is an activity of specialists; it requires expertise and special skills. With CERL, no problem to manage your declarations. We behave like your logistics life facilitator and we offer you complete customs services to facilitate the management of your supply chain.

However, we inform you about the publication of a European Commission web service to determine the origin of a product.

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Why rules of origin of goods

Rules of origin are used by both import and export customs services. They allow to:

  • Determine the application of trade policy measures or instruments such as anti-dumping and safeguard measures;
  • Determine whether imported goods should benefit from most-favored-nation (MFN) treatment or preferential treatment;
  • To create trade statistics;
  • To apply rules on labeling and marking;

A commodity may have a preferential origin (OP), which allows for a reduction in the rate of customs duties under Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Economic Partnerships (EPAs) signed by the EU or unilateral tariff concessions granted by the EU. On the other hand, a commodity always has a non-preferential origin (ONP) which serves to apply the EU’s trade policy measures, as well as to determine foreign trade statistics and origin marking.

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Online application of the European Commission

The website of the European Commission MADB offers an online tool to more easily determine the rules of origin. Simply access the application and insert your customs code and you will have access to applicable customs duties and rules of origin. Attention, for the moment the service is still in test period.

CERL manages all your customs formalities!

Authorized Economic Operator certified since 2010, CERL provides you with all available customs procedures to simplify your procedures.

  • Tracking of customs operations,
  • Documentary formalities: documentary credit,
  • Inter-country transit operations,
  • Collecting the required documents,
  • Obtaining the necessary authorisations,
  • Legalisation of documents,
  • Export advice,
  • Insurance for the transportation of goods,
  • Translation into English, German, Spanish.
  • Transit between successive countries,
  • Country difficult to access,
  • Dangerous areas.
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