The heavy lift transport by inland waterway in Rhone valley
The heavy lift transport by inland waterway in Rhone valley
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Relieved by several media, like «The Echos» and «The Antenna» the balance sheet of the river activity in the Rhone Valley is mitigated. Whereas the global activity of the Port Edouard Herriot in Lyon moves back, the traffic of goods by waterway increases, mainly thanks to the river-maritime traffics. In the past, cereal and building materials dominated the statistics of the transport by inland waterway, today it’s quite different.

It’s well the transport of containers and heavy-lift goods which appear among the new nuggets of the inland navigation on the Rhone river. The container business so became the main activity of the river freight with about 75000 EVP and the transport of heavy-lift parcels is in constant increase.

CERL is proud to matter among the actors of this sustainable and responsible development, especially as it often accumulates advantages in financial terms and safety of goods. The CERL experts of heavy-lift and industrial project master perfectly the multimodal transport and the use of inland waterways wherever it is the most relevant option.

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