The annual road freight transport social 2018
The annual road freight transport social 2018
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The annual Road Transport Balance Sheet provides the road transport sector with an economic framework and data and analyzes on the evolution of jobs, the labor market, the working hours of road drivers, incomes, training of employees and accidents.

This document is published by the “Service de l’observation et des statistiques du Commissariat général au développement durable” with the assistance of the “Direction des services de transport”, within the framework of the “Observatoire social des transports”.

Annual road freight transport social 2018

Summary of annual road freight transport social 2018

Published since 1994, this report aims to establish an objective diagnosis requiring exhaustive approaches and mobilization of the largest number of sources of information. An instrument of knowledge of the social conditions of the activity of road freight transport, its ambition is to be useful to the entire transport and logistics sector.

You can consult the summary of the 2018 edition:

  • Summary and recent trends
  • The economic situation
  • Employment and the labor market
  • Hours of work
  • Salaries
  • Training
  • The accident rate
  • Annexes

This report shows a “steady increase in salaried employment in road transport. The use of temporary work is still increasing and reaching a peak “. The number of professional titles giving access to the heavy truck driver profession was increased in 2016, but the difficulties in recruiting drivers have increased. The number of road accidents involving a truck has risen again, for the first time in five years. In the first half of 2017, “the activity of road freight transport is recovering and wage employment continues to grow“.

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