Convoi Transport exceptionnel
Convoi Transport exceptionnel
Transitaire CERL

The DSR (Délégation à la Sécurité Routière) in collaboration with IGN, is making available a national digital map of exceptional transport networks.

A simple tool that will simplify the preparation of road itineraries for all Special consignments and heavy loads.

The map references the five existing exceptional transport road networks in metropolitan France, as well as the crossings that the convoys face.

The permanent networks TE1, TE2, TE72, TE94 and TE120, as well as the maps of engineering structures and level crossings are available on the Geoportail website.

Simplify the special consignments and heavy loads

Organizing a route for an exceptional transport is not an easy task… The circulation of special consignments and heavy loads is subject to prior authorizations and to strict conditions.

In order to prepare the best transport route, several steps have to be taken: identify the route, take into account traffic bans and other regulations, take into consideration the dimensions and weight of the convoy, do not forget to inform yourself about the traffic in real time at the time of the transport operation, etc.

Until now, the preparation of routes for exceptional convoys was based on departmental maps attached to prefectural decrees. From now on, Geoportail allows to visualize, at different scales, the five existing road networks 1TE, 2TE48, TE72, TE94 and TE120 and the difficult crossings (bridges and level crossings):

  • Road networks 1TE and 2TE48: Historical national networks open to category 1 and 2 convoys of less than 48 tons
  • Road networks TE72, TE 94 and TE120: networks open to convoys of less than 72, 94 and 120 tons respectively, and meeting axle load and inter-axle distance criteria

It is possible to visualize the level crossings classified as difficult to cross and to consult all the specific prescriptions associated with each road section and crossing! It will thus be easier to integrate these constraints. It is therefore a real gain in terms of road prevention.

The IGN map also offers road and rail routes, as well as all types of maps: geological, topographical, aerial and satellite. Finally, all the first aid points, hospitals and other points of interest are listed by theme.

Example of realization CERL : Road transport of exceptional convoy with a 35,50M column

A free data stream for carriers

Trucking companies can export this data and take it with them on their routes. But it is also possible to import and use the data streams in an information system for free.

For business use, WMTS and WFS streams (for SIG for example) will be available soon.

The DSR project is a new step in the digital transition of exceptional transport. The objective is to achieve in a few months the dematerialization of all the cards to be kept on board the vehicle.

Eventually, the development of the future instruction tool for exceptional transport requests by the end of 2022 will replace the TENET application.

WARNING, this digital mapping does not replace the paper maps of permanent networks including first and second category which must be on board vehicles in case of control. A revision of the decree of May 4, 2006 is to be published by the end of the first semester of 2021 to allow the use of digital versions of paper documents, including exceptional transport authorizations.

Reminder: the obligations of special consignments and heavy loads

Since March 2017 and the publication of Decree No. 2017-16 of January 6, 2017, the highway code has been amended to facilitate the movement of exceptional transport convoys. Do not hesitate to consult our article on the regulation of special consignments and heavy loadst to inform yourself on the subject.

An exceptional convoy in motion and its accompanying vehicles have priority at intersections. When crossing a traffic light, the whole convoy has priority if the leading vehicle has turned green. If the light turns red while the rest of the convoy is crossing the intersection, the convoy and its escort have priority.

Users who encounter an exceptional convoy on their route must reduce their speed and, if necessary, stop or pull over to facilitate the passage of the convoy and its escort vehicles. They must also refrain from entering an intersection when the imminence of the crossing by a convoy is signaled to them by an accompanying vehicle.

However, the exceptional convoy must always give priority to emergency vehicles (police, gendarmerie, firemen, ambulance, etc.).

Some examples of realizations of specials consignments and heavy loads by CERL.

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CERL, the specialist in special consignments and heavy loads

Special consignments and heavy loads (out of gauge) is a matter for specialists where experience and innovation are essential. Each exceptional, heavy or out of gauge convoy is a special and unique case! Our teams study and carry out all of your exceptional transports, guaranteeing quality of service and compliance with regulations.

CERL has built its organization and its services around customized transport, each particular case of transport becomes a CERL service perfectly adapted to the company’s strategy.

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