In 2022, CERL successfully orchestrated the transportation and lifting of several packages from Asia to a secure industrial site. The project involved the movement and handling of over 69 packages weighing a total of 101 tons and occupying a volume of 464 cubic meters. CERL used FR, Open Top and Dry containers to complete the operation.

  • Departure: Asia
    Destination: Secure industrial site

Loading of the exceptional transport

The load for this exceptional operation was composed of :

  • 69 packages with a total weight of 101 tons
    A total volume of 464 m³

This example of a transport operation highlights CERL’s expertise and know-how in the transport and lifting of large and heavy packages. Thanks to careful planning and efficient resource management, CERL was able to ensure safe and optimized transportation to meet the customer’s requirements.

Transport and lifting by crane

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