During the year 2023, CERL carried out an exceptional intra-European transport project, starting in Spain. This large-scale logistical challenge involved the transport of 396 packages, with a total weight of 468 tons and dimensions of up to 9m x 3.40m x 3.50m. The journey started in Spain and ended in another European destination.

Thanks to careful and rigorous planning, specialized equipment, efficient coordination between all parties involved and in-depth industry expertise, CERL was able to overcome the logistical challenges inherent in such a project. This success is based on the company’s ability to work closely with its partners and to adapt to the requirements and needs of its customers.

  • Loading location: Spain
  • Destination: Europe

Loading of the transport

The load was composed of :

  • Weight: 468 tons
  • Dimensions: up to 9m x 3.40m x 3.50m
Intra-European transport of parcels from Spain

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