Maritime container

Container designed to be easily handled, stored, transported, has a number of advantages:

  • Reduced risk of damage
  • Limitation of loss or theft
  • Reduced costs through improved productivity in loading

There is also the air container, which is suitable for transporting goods by air.

Container dimensions have been standardized since 1967 (ISO), thus distinguishing three categories. 20, 30 and 40 foot containers. For information, a 20-foot container has a lifespan of about 15 years and costs about 1400 euros (2010 tariff).

The different types of maritime containers


Closed container having a roof, side walls and rigid end; has a door (two leaves sealed) at both ends, is designed for the transport of all non-perishable.


  • 20′ : L5.9m x l2.35m x h2.39m
  • 40′ : L12.03m x l2.35m x h2.39m
  • 40′ HC : L12.03m x l2.35m x h2.69m


  • 20′ : 33m3
  • 40′ : 67m3
  • 40′ HC : 76m3
Dry Container
Dry Container


Container with thermal characteristics equipped with a cooling and heating device (negative controlled temperature or not).


  • 20′ : L5.42m x l2.27m x h2.26m
  • 40′ : L11.49m x l2.27m x h2.19m
  • 40′ HC : L11.55m x l2.29m x h2.50m


  • 20′ : 28.3m3
  • 40′ : 57.8m3
  • 40′ HC : 66.6m3
Reefer Container
Reefer Container


40 foot container used for sea freight. Ideal for loading high level merchandise or a greater number of products. Multimodal solution: road, rail, barge, and ocean. It can be transported and delivered by different modes.


  • 40′ : L12m x W2.3m x H2.7m


  • 40′ : 76,2m3
High Cube Container


Container for general cargo (oversized) with no fixed sides.


  • 20′ : L5.62m x l2.20m x h2.23m
  • 40′ : L12.08m x l2.43m x h2.10m
Flat Rack Container
Flat Rack Container


Like the Flat rack container, but the end walls are removable.

Dimensions :

  • 20′ : L5.61m x l2.20m x h2.33m
  • 40′ : L12.08m x l2.12m x h2.04m


Loading platform with no superstructure.


  • 20′ : L5.05m x l2.43m x h2.23m
  • 40′ : L12.18m x l2.40m x h1.95m
Platform Container
Platform Container


A open roof container identical to the dry container, but the roof is replaced by a tarp for easy vertical loading and unloading (machines…).


  • 20′ : L5.89m x l2.31m x h2.35m
  • 40′ : L12.02m x l2.35m x h2.34m


  • 20′ : 32.23m3
  • 40′ : 65.5m3
Open Top Container
Open Top Container

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Our completed projects

Discover some of CERL’s successes in the maritime transport field. They are the ultimate showcase for our unique know-how.

Transport of sea containers from Antwerp to Tianjin in China

Transport of sea containers from Antwerp to Tianjin in China

In 2021 CERL realized the transport of several 40 HC sea containers from Antwerp to Tianjin. […]
Transport of three boxes to Thailand

Transport of three boxes to Thailand

In 2021 CERL transported three boxes from Meyzieu to Thailand. The transport took place by Flat […]

Shipping containers video

The transport of sea containers with CERL …

The transport of goods by sea container is an expert’s job!

CERL has been transporting thousands of tons of freight all over the world for many years …

We offer a wide range of solutions to transport your parcels and goods.

Fast and secure sea container transport also allows you to optimize your freight shipments.

Our marine services

  • Management of customs declarations
  • Order picking
  • Reception
  • Quality Control
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Customs Bonded Warehouses
  • Reporting Services
  • Project Cargo
  • Chartering of partial or complete vessels
  • Conventional freight and heavy or oversized packages
  • Rolling Stock
  • Specific Out Of Gauge containers, refrigerated, tanks, IMDGs
  • Standard 20′ or 40′ containers
  • Consolidation and unbundling services
  • Etc.
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