Premier bilan de la Convention SOLAS pour CERL et ses clients
Premier bilan de la Convention SOLAS pour CERL et ses clients
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Nearly 6 months after the new SOLAS agreement and the compulsory Verified Gross Mass declaration came into force, CERL’s teams are proud of their results:  ZERO ERRORS !

Many thanks to CERL customers, who have generally played the game very well since the new regulations came into force. Their collaboration is essential to the smooth running of the logistics chain and the safety of sea transport.

It’s now a question of not lowering our guard: we need to continue working together with the same rigour if we are to successfully negotiate the expected build-up phase, which is likely to be accompanied by an increase in inspections and a reduction in tolerances.

New SOLAS Agreement, initial results and success for CERL and its customers

Zero errors means

  • No containers refused on the terminals,
  • Undeviating respect for closing times,
  • 95% of customer forms successfully filled in and sent,
  • 5% of container weighings in line with customer requirements,
  • Flawless contingency management in the event of delays,
  • Excellent relations with shipping companies and cargo handling operators.

Implementation of the SOLAS Agreement with CERL

We have already devoted several articles on the SOLAS Agreement, here we find the history of the implementation of this project within CERL:

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