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Transport de marchandises Exportation et Importation
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In October 2020, the European Commission launched a new information portal Access2Markets to support European importing and exporting companies by helping them to understand the regulations in force, particularly in customs matters.

You wish to export or import products or services and you want to know the applicable duties or the steps to follow?

You wish to discover new opportunities by consulting the latest trade agreements concluded between countries?

This portal can help you by informing you about duties, taxes, rules and product requirements for all European Union countries and more than 120 other markets around the world.

Exporting from the EU

Facilitate the import-export of goods and services

The European Commission’s portal allows EU exporters and importers to easily find detailed information on :

  • Customs duties
  • Information on VAT, excise duties and sales taxes
  • Rules of origin if a free trade agreement is available
  • Documentary requirements for product documentation and markings
  • Customs procedures and formalities
  • Customs barriers
  • Trade flow statistics
  • News on the latest regulations

Once provided with the HS code of your product (customs nomenclature), the application summarizes the customs duties, national or local taxes to be paid. The rules of origin and requirements are thus listed product by product.

ROSA self-assessment and trade agreement database

Access2Market also contains a self-assessment tool to help you determine the rule of origin of your product.

The available database provides a step-by-step guide that describes the entire process of importing and exporting goods and services.

Explanations, tutorials, and FAQs are available to simplify the understanding of international trade rules by businesses.

The portal informs you about the trade agreements signed by the EU (nearly 80) and allows you to access the markets of certain third countries under more advantageous conditions.

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CERL, your partner for your import and export operations!

Certified Authorized Economic Operator since 2010, CERL provides you with all available customs procedures to simplify your procedures. You will then be able to concentrate on the essentials!

Whatever the scope of your project, CERL guarantees specialized resources, complete expertise and total coordination of operations. From the collection to the final delivery point of the goods, our teams of experts provide you with a professional solution adapted to your needs while respecting all customs formalities.

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