Gestion des douanes pour le transport
Gestion des douanes pour le transport
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The French government has just launched a new platform to simplify the declaration and payment procedures for professionals. The objective is to simplify and unify all the declarations and payments, by gathering in a single space the services offered by the tax authorities, the Urssaf and the Customs.

Developed by the Urssaf, the DGDDI and the DGFiP, the portal centralizes all social, tax and customs procedures in a single application. For the moment, the services offered by the portal are mainly aimed at very small businesses and SMEs, but it will soon be open to other audiences, such as certified accountants, registered customs representatives and large companies.

CERL and its customs teams take stock of the most important new features for your business.

PortailPro is completed by two other sites:, which simplifies and centralizes business procedures, and the portal, which is designed to inform and guide businesses.

Pay your tax, customs and social security taxes online

As part of the plan to simplify the digital environment for businesses, which has been underway for several years now, the government portal was launched on March 8, 2022.  The portal is open to professionals regardless of the size or status of their company. Companies can access all the services or authorize their employees. In its first version, the application offers services adapted to the needs of self-employed employers, SME managers and business creators.

In a press release, the Government specifies the four new services dedicated to companies:

A unique and secure connection giving access without re-authentication to, and services

A dashboard to follow your social, customs and tax situation and your next deadlines

File your tax returns and pay your taxes and contributions from a single site

An integrated and secure messaging system to exchange with the Urssaf, the tax authorities and the customs

PortailPro : Focus on customs and transport functionalities

PortailPro is not intended to replace Anyone can create an account on PortailPro, you do not need to justify any particular authorization but it is possible at the time of the creation of the account to attach your account (company correspondent).

The access logic to the Customs teleservices (Delta-G, Ciel, Domino…) remains the same as on and requires the creation of the relationship with ROSA beforehand. There are no procedures for enabling customs teleservices directly from PortailPro. Therefore, an approval/agreement is still required to access the customs teleservices.

The portal dashboard displays the following information:

  •  A summary of the status of his receivables (Paid/to be paid)
  • A schedule for the DGFiP and URSSAF
  • A link to the social and tax declarations
  • An access to the secured messaging system
  • A view of the registered mandates

The information may differ according to the co-owners’ authorizations.

Concerning the DGDDI part, the display is as follows:

  • A “Summary of payments to date” block: populated with information on DGDDI receivables if the user is entitled to telepayment.
  • A “current” tab of the declarations dashboard
  • The “current” and “historical” tabs of the payment dashboard
  • Consulting mandates

Initially, only DTI (EFI) declarations can be created via PortailPro. Declarations can be created on DELTA G (customs clearance)/CIEL (indirect taxes)/ISOPE (energy products) and DOMINO (internal dock dues).

Regarding the payment of customs duties, it is possible to pay all telepayable customs duties (customs clearance with collection credit, CI, energy products, internal dock dues). It is also possible to pay a claim by credit card.

When declarations are made by EDI or DTI, payments can also be made via PortailPro.

Customs and transport
CERL Global logistics

CERL manages all your customs clearance procedures

Our teams guide you from A to Z. We advise you and set up with you, the file of customs procedures and formalities for the transit of your goods. Moreover, thanks to our worldwide network of agents, present in the main international ports and airports, we manage on your behalf the import and transit formalities of your goods at their destination with the customs authorities, in compliance with your incoterms and guaranteeing the continuity of the transport chain.

CERL is an Authorized Air Agent and also has IATA approval and AEO certification for all its activities. These approvals and certifications allow us to carry out customs clearance procedures in record time! From the collection to the final delivery of the goods, our teams of experts provide you with a professional solution adapted to your needs while respecting all customs formalities.

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