Autorisations de circulation exceptionnelle transport de marchandise
Autorisations de circulation exceptionnelle transport de marchandise
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The government has issued three orders to authorize the circulation of goods transport for certain types of transport during the month of May 2020.

The objective is to accompany the deconfinement and to fluidify the circulation of freight during this sensitive period of sanitary crisis linked to the covid-19 virus pandemic.

Agri-food transport

Road transport related to the agri-food industry

The first decree concerns the agri-food sector. Heavy goods vehicles will be allowed to circulate:

  • Thursday 7 May, Friday 8 May, Wednesday 20 May and Thursday 21 May 2020

The authorized transports are :

  • Vehicles transporting exclusively foodstuffs and products intended for human and animal nutrition, hygiene and human or animal health, as well as all products, materials or components necessary for their preparation, manufacture and supply;
  • Vehicles transporting materials, products, equipment, machinery, tools in the context of public works or the construction of collective buildings.

Transportation related to removals

The second decree is for removal vehicles. They are thus authorized to circulate:

  • Wednesday 20 May, Thursday 21 May, Sunday 30 May and Monday 1 June 2020

The decree is only intended for the removal sector.


Transportation related to messaging

The transport of courier packages is also allowed to circulate during certain period of May:

  • Sunday 3 May, Thursday 7 May, Friday 8 May, Saturday 9 May and Sunday 10 May 2020

This order concerns the transport of courier packages.

Sanitary transport

Transportation related to sanitary transport

As regards transport related to sanitary transport, an order of 24 April permanently lifted all traffic bans.

The authorized transports are :

  • Vehicles transporting hospital waste, linen required for the operation of public or private health establishments or goods of a medical or health protection nature.

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