Aide à l'exportation
Aide à l'exportation
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At the beginning of September, the French Prime Minister announced the national economic recovery plan to deal with the damage caused by the pandemic.

This plan of more than 100 billion euros is made up of 70 measures that will be deployed between 2021 and 2022.

Among the many measures announced, some directly affect the export sector. Much awaited, the announcement of the export recovery plan has been rather discreet.

However, the plan includes interesting measures for SMEs which will benefit from 247 M€ of additional financing. What should we keep in mind?


247 million euros for exports

First of all, let’s recall that the export plan announced by the Prime Minister comes in addition to the provisions already in place on March 31, 2020 to support companies in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic: State guarantees for guarantees and pre-financing of export projects, Extension of prospecting insurance, Capacity of 2 billion euros brought to short-term export credit insurance and finally Implementation of personalized support by the Team France Export.

The export plan announced at the beginning of September is divided into 5 areas and includes measures designed to directly support companies in their export process:

  • Focus 1: Better information for foreign markets
  • Focus 2: Facilitating prospecting activities
  • Focus 3: Supporting youth with the V.I.E. system.
  • Focus 4: Strengthen export financing tools
  • Focus 5: Promote the France brand

Get informed

The France Export Team is involved and multiplies actions on French territory (Meetings, Webinars, etc.).

One of the first concrete measures is to set up an adapted market intelligence system for exporters.

A secure and personalized digital space will be available on Team France Export’s regional platforms. All exporters will be able to discover new opportunities and will have real-time access to information on the state of the markets.

It is recommended that you contact the Team France Export representatives in your region.


Prospecting insurance is a system already in place and managed by Bpifrance. It works like a refundable advance to finance a prospecting budget. The purpose of prospecting insurance is to cover part of the prospecting expenses incurred by the exporting company that could not be amortized by a sufficient level of sales in the geographical area covered. The system needs to be further strengthened, in particular through a new “support” prospecting insurance offer dedicated to the smallest companies.

A second device allows you to benefit from Check export. These vouchers cover up to 50% of a company’s canvassing activities: support services for public and private players, trade shows, collective missions, travel, and the French pavilion at trade shows.

VIE device

A subsidy is offered to SMEs recruiting a VIE with an allocated amount of 5,000 euros per contract. In Europe, it is estimated that the “cost” of a VIE is around 30K euros per year, the subsidy could cover between 15% and 20% of its average cost.

Export Financing

The FASEP envelope is a Fund for studies and assistance to the private sector managed by the DG Treasury. This device finances in the form of a grant the costs of feasibility studies for companies positioning themselves on major infrastructure projects in emerging countries as well as demonstrators for innovative technologies. This fund has now been doubled to more than 50 million euros.

Brand France

An international BtoB communication campaign around the France brand and sector brands will be launched.

The objective is to target in priority the major countries of the European Union (the main markets for SME recovery), the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Korea, and some African countries.

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