CERL reinforces its QSE policy
CERL reinforces its QSE policy
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CERL is constantly concerned to meet its customers’ requirements and has decided to further reinforce its QSE policy by formalising the management of safety-related risks during port loading and unloading operations involving « Out of Gauge » goods.

« CERL’s know-how has been embodied for many years by the physical presence of our employees or agents during ship loading and unloading operations. This type of supervision means that we can react very quickly to contingencies; it also allows us to anticipate them and introduce preventive or corrective actions. Our OEA certification also provides us with a frame of reference and tools for assessing and managing goods-related safety and security risks. We have now added to the frame of reference a safety policy and management tools linked to the safety of employees involved in operations », confirmed Georges Nouveau, Chairman of CERL

QSE policy

CERL’s QSE policy (Quality / Security / Safety / Environment)

  • Respect for the integrity of the goods entrusted to us,
  • Reliability of the services and information provided to the customer,
  • Recognition of the professionalism of CERL’s employees,
  • Security of company premises,
  • Security of the goods from beginning to end of the chain,
  • Security of the information and document system,
  • Employee security, including subcontractors,
  • Security of the transport of hazardous goods,
  • Security of de ship or aircraft loading operations,
  • Reduced consumption of paper and consumables (including introduction of EDM),
  • Questioning service providers and raising their awareness of environmental issues,
  • The ability to inform customers of the carbon impact of their international logistics operations.
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