CERL Newsletter Transport
CERL Newsletter Transport
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The year 2015 is coming to a close and will not be remembered as one of the grand crus of international trade. A fall in Chinese growth, conflicts in the gulf, and the wariness of French investors, so many factors that are not doing the transport market any favours, an industry so subject to the uncertainties of global trade. This year again, the dead leaves of road haulage risk piling up by the truck load.

However, and fortunately, numerous businesses with strong positioning, a winning strategy and maybe even a little luck, are successfully and forcefully surfing the waves of crises after crisis in our globalised economy. CERL’s teams are perfectly able and ready to surf again in 2016 with all of our faithful clients, all of whose plans we hope are carried out successfully, particularly their industrial logistics projects.

CERL newsletter november 2015


  • Edito
  • The Macron Law, a revolution for transport ?
  • Chartering a vessel with CERL
  • The strengthening of operational teams
  • CERL’s latest achievements : Initiation pile and buoys: Pointe-Noire (Congo), Reels and crates: Moss (Norway)

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