Newsletter CERL June 2017
Newsletter CERL June 2017
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Has the time of the great logistics upheaval arrived? It must be noted that numerous indicators, emerging in the last few weeks, or even years, have alerted us or sometimes reassured us in our habits. What could a large logistics upheaval look like? Presumably, like a major shambles which would indiscriminately shake up major transport groups from the old economy, like agony, randomly unreliable self-employed drivers, mega shipping alliances forced to create low-cost subsidiaries to counter the new entrants and finally, of course, pure players of the new logistics economy, encouraged by the success of Uber Freight across the world.

Uber, faithful to its pronounced taste for profit, always chooses to target dysfunctional markets where supply and demand no longer meet eye-to-eye, either because of a monopoly or oligopoly, or owing to a generational and technological divide. So, Uber Freight is going to profit in the United States from a market torn between the two historic giants and a multitude of very small businesses, the first clearly not being able to make latter happy. It will also certainly take advantage of the latest innovations from Silicon Valley.

And the quality of service in all this? Will it not the biggest loser in a potential uberisation of freight? Those still waiting for an Uber car in the open countryside or in a work space with disrupted GPS have part of the answer. At CERL, we love the human relationship and offer a tailored service. A cargo craftsman – calling ourselves goldsmiths would be pretentious – we are proud to offer high quality of service, and of our current innovations and those currently in development.

It’s ultimately up to you, the shippers, to determine what future you want for your goods, your containers and your heavy-lift cargo.

Specialist of sea and airfreight, abnormal loads and industrial project
Newsletter CERL

Summary edition June 2017

  • Editorial
  • Mega alliances: marine cargo in a spot of turbulence
  • The new highway code making life easier for heavy loads
  • The union code, new opportunities for AEOS
  • Industrial projects, customised solutions for large-scale projects:
    • Specific transport management
    • Overall logistics management of your project
    • CERL’s industrial-project services
    • Tailored shipments guarenteed to all our customers

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