CERL newsletter june 2016 - Special SOLAS Agreement
CERL newsletter june 2016 - Special SOLAS Agreement
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The state of emergency is of course, undisputedly, an exceptional security situation, that we would all like to be spared, since it reminds us of painful current or past events.

Nonetheless, the state of emergency, in its literal meaning, can take on a quite different meaning and a much less solemn appearance, closer to a caricature of management and of everyday business conduct. One example of that is the new Code of the Union’s Customs and the new SOLAS agreement. The former has been known since the month of October 2013, its effective date, and its final implementation took place on May 1, 2016.Most implementing texts and orders in France were issued in the month of May 2016, such as the one on customs representation, published on May 3, 2016 for implementation two days earlier …

The ministerial order implementing the SOLAS agreement was issued on May 28, 2016, i.e. 32 days before its effective date. The state of emergency consists in taking all reasonable compliance times granted by Brussels or international bodies, and considering that private operators will manage to implement the reforms in a few days, when it took the Government long months or even long years. Thanks for the huge confidence, anyways !

Newsletter CERL June 2016 - SOLAS Special

Summary Special SOLAS Agreement

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  • SOLAS Agreement : summary
  • SOLAS Agreement : breaking news
  • SOLAS Agreement : what sanctions ?
  • SOLAS Agreement : very important recommendations
  • Latest Achievements : Autoclave : Civrieux d’Azergues (France) and Tank: Antwerp (Belgium)
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