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Air Freight : 2023 summary and 2024 trends

After seeing negative growth of -1.9% over the year 2023, global air freight is recovering at […]

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Best wishes for 2024

The entire CERL team warmly thanks you for the trust you have placed in us during […]

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European Parliament to vote in favor of reducing truck carbon emissions by 2030

Amid the fight against climate change, the European Union is stepping up its efforts to decarbonize […]

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The state of European road haulage in 2022

2022 was marked by notable stagnation in the European road haulage sector. With a total of […]

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Scheduled end of maritime consortia in April 2024

Since 2009, the maritime transport sector in Europe has been operating under a distinctive framework, which […]

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Logistics Performance Index 2023: France ranks 13th worldwide

The World Bank recently published its latest report ranking countries according to their logistics performance. The […]

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CERL Newsletter May 2023

We hope that spring has brought you many joys and new successes. As the warm weather […]

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Our customs formalities services

Managing administrative documents and customs procedures can sometimes be as technical as it is time consuming! […]

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Best wishes for this year 2023

In 2023 your transportation is in good hands. CERL accompanies you one more year in the […]

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Import-Export formalities for goods: changes to come in 2023

From 2023, important reforms concerning import procedures will come into effect. Several formalities will have to […]

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CERL Newsletter September 2022

We hope you had a great summer and enjoyed a well-deserved vacation. It is now time […]

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AI to help companies with the customs classification of their goods

All goods that cross a border of the European Union are subject to a tariff classification […]

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