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Mega alliances, marine cargo in a spot of turbulence

While nearly half of maritime companies disappeared in 2016, survivors are trying to resist … They […]

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New SOLAS Agreement, initial results and success for CERL and its customers

Nearly 6 months after the new SOLAS agreement and the compulsory Verified Gross Mass declaration came […]

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Declaration forms for Solas agreement

Since July 1, 2016, companies referred to as « shippers » of goods now have to […]

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New alliances for shipping

In a highly competitive and ever lower freight rates and new shipping alliances have just concluded. […]

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SOLAS, verification of gross mass

From July 1st 2016 the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) will enforce the Safety of Life at […]

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New website CERL

Our company is pleased to put online its new website. You will find all the information […]

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Major upheavals in the Sea Freight Markets

The Chinese government has closed the alliance project called “P3” which included the three major leaders […]

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