Aircraft Chartering
Aircraft Chartering
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Aircraft Chartering is effective and competitive, especially in Out of Gauge commodity transport.

Shipment by sea can often cause delays, damages and isn’t always convenient.

Out of gauge experts can share their expertise and will inform you on what can look quite complex.

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Size of the aircraft

Size of the aircraft Priority is given to choosing the appropriate aircraft according to the dimensions and weight. To maintain technical standards we need exact :

  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Loading and unloading details
  • Pre- post-carriage details
  • Departure and arrival airports

Airport choice

Airport choiceThe choice of the most suitable airports and compatible with the device selected, pre and post routing solutions must then be approached with great rigor and thoroughness, it is often in the detail that plays a successful charter airline operation.

The price of air freight

The price of air freightThe rates charged by airlines specialized in providing small cargo aircraft, medium or large capacity are close to the standard prices of regular airfreight, with more flexibility and security.

They can be very competitive with the sea freight when you consider the cost of the whole project.

Air freight for all types of goods

Air freight for all types of goodsAircraft Chartering means Flexibility and Security. The industrial sectors which use this type of shipment are :

  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy (solar, nuclear, wind and hydroelectric)
  • Industry (aerospace, environment, etc.)
  • Civil Engineering

Success is in the details of the logistics, the reason why Aircraft Chartering is used more and more. CERL has accomplished 100% of it’s Charters.

Air Charter example to Singapore

Modes of transport loading capacity

Road transportRoad transport
Truck and trailer about 25 tons.

Air freightAir freight
A 747 can load about 100 tons.

Rail transportRail transport
Loading capacity from 1500-2000 tons.

Inland waterwayInland waterway
Loading capacity between 400-4000 tonnes.

Maritime transportMaritime transport
The container doors can charge between 5000-14000 containers of 30 tonnes.

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