Trransport de marchandises aérien - centeneur aérien
Trransport de marchandises aérien - centeneur aérien
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Air freight had the second highest growth in its history in 2021. Globally, air freight grew by almost 19% in 2021 compared to 2020!

IATA forecasts a 5% increase in cargo in 2022. While the transport of health protection equipment contributes to this dynamic, two key factors explain this change. The boom in e-commerce and the supply of maritime transport, which is struggling to regain its pre-crisis pace (shortage of containers, port congestion, etc.).

Air freight and in particular the combined air-sea transport approach are constantly growing. Air freight combines many advantages: speed, reliability and security.

Our customers are very enthusiastic about our air transport services, so now is the right time to try our air freight solutions!

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Key figures for air freight in 2021

Since mid-2020, the supply chain has been under strain and freight rates have been rising. But how can this situation be explained? Covid-19, port strikes, the Suez Canal crisis, the closure of the port of Yantian and the congestion of maritime routes… All these factors explain in part the current situation. And yet, the demand is still increasing, as evidenced by the strong growth of world trade. Air transport is taking advantage of this situation and is positioning itself as a complementary offer to maritime transport. This is evidenced by the record figures for air transit in 2021.

IATA recently released the latest air cargo data showing that full-year demand for air transport has increased by 6.9% in 2021 compared to 2019 and by 18.7% compared to 2020. Growth, volume, profitability all indicators are in the green while passenger transport is still lagging behind … An insolent growth that also finds its explanation in the explosion of online trade. Already on the rise before the pandemic, Covid-19 has accelerated this transformation. E-commerce represented 18% of air cargo in 2021, and should reach 22% in 2022.

Air freight: bright prospects for 2022

Even more surprisingly, air freight is not only resisting the crisis, it is growing strongly. IATA forecasts that the volume of air freight will continue to grow and increase by a further 5% in 2022.

According to IATA, the volume of air freight transported should continue to increase. The world fleet of cargo aircraft could grow by 60% by 2039. Air freight is becoming a real engine to support the activity of airlines. Before the health crisis, air cargo represented about 15% of their revenues. By 2020, cargo’s share was already closer to one-third of total airline revenues, or $129 billion.

Air freight made in CERL

As a freight forwarder, CERL always tries to provide the most innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions for its customers.

Our airfreight solutions can meet many needs for the transportation of fragile, valuable, dangerous or oversized goods (temperature-controlled transport, medical products, dangerous goods, precious objects, air containers, etc.).

With CERL, you benefit from all the advantages of air transport, whether you choose a combi plane (shared between freight and passenger) or a cargo plane specially chartered for the transport of goods (shared or not).

CERL can also offer you the ideal aircraft charter for the transport of oversized goods.

Whether it is a courier service or air consolidation, CERL can adapt to your needs and provide you with a unique solution for your supply chain.

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Speed up your shipments with CERL

CERL offers you personalized support in the organization of your international goods flows! Our teams will be able to guide you in finding the most appropriate mode of transport for your budget and your supply issues.

CERL has a complete mastery of groupage, sea and air freight operations and all associated customs formalities. Solid processes, continuous improvement oriented management and skilled and trained staff are the winning combination at CERL. So why not try our air freight services for your next shipment?

Some examples of air transport carried out by CERL

Air transport of eight parcels from China to Seine-Maritime

Air transport from China to Seine-Maritime

Import of eight parcels from the Seine-Maritime department to Qingdao in China.

Chartering Lyon Singapour

Chartering Lyon Singapour

Transport of two parcels and one box from the department 74 via Lyon airport to Singapore.

Air transport from vatry to pointe noire

Air transport from Vatry to Pointe Noire

Shipment by charter plane of two containers to Pointe Noire.

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