Transport marchandises aerien
Transport marchandises aerien
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Despite the health crisis, air freight is booming and giving a second wind to the air transport sector. In March, air freight reached its highest level ever.

For the second month in a row, global air cargo volumes have exceeded pre-crisis levels.  According to IATA (International Air Carrier Association), demand increased by 4.4% compared to March 2019.

A trend that is also confirmed over the month of April 2021, as global cargo demand increased by 12% compared to April 2019 and by 7.8% compared to March 2021.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic demand has finally shown an increase of 22.1%! Obviously, the congestion of the maritime mode is no stranger to this.

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Favorable conditions and an increase in cargo flights

Global cargo activity returned to pre-crisis levels in January. Cargo volume (freight and mail) reached 23.7 billion ton-kilometers in March 2021.

By region, Africa (+23.1% compared to March 2019), North America (+17.5%), and the Middle East (+9.1%) share the podium. Europe (+0.9%), Asia-Pacific (-2.9%) and Latin America (-21.4%) follow.

According to IATA, several factors can explain this improvement. First of all, for the ninth consecutive month, world trade is constantly growing. A rare fact that had not occurred for twenty years …

The World Trade Organization (WTO) also forecasts an 8% increase in world merchandise trade in volume in 2021, after the 5.3% decline in 2020.

Secondly, the period is favorable for air freight transport with a good level of exports that increased in March and was mainly concentrated in developed countries. This trend is coupled with an increase in delivery times for manufactured goods, “which normally leads to an increased demand for air transport”.

Finally, since the beginning of the pandemic, air freight has been suffering from a huge lack of capacity due to the fact that many passenger aircraft have been grounded. The situation is finally improving in March, with a 5.6% increase in available capacity compared to February.

CERL a competitive air freight offer adapted to your needs!

With its combination of speed and reliability, air freight is an excellent guarantor of transit time and is currently the safest mode of transportation in the world!  Air freight is particularly suitable for products with a limited lifespan, fragile products and goods with a high economic value.

Whether it’s air cargo, pallet transport, air containers or aircraft chartering, CERL offers you all the advantages of air transport:

Record transit time and reliability for your international shipments.

A perfect geographical coverage with a worldwide network among the most efficient.

Simpler processes compared to maritime transport.

Proactive control of the costs and deadlines of your goods shipments.

CERL value-added services: a personalized follow-up and a service dedicated to the chartering of all types of cargo aircraft.

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Need an operator for your next air expeditions?

Air transport provides many solutions to logistics needs around the world. Our teams are trained in air logistics procedures and international regulations. So take advantage of our expertise!

In addition, if you need to transport off-grid goods, we can provide the chartering of a cargo plane. A transport technique that can be very simple to implement as soon as your project is surrounded by the right people!

Our customers are very enthusiastic about our air freight services, so don’t hesitate to try our solutions!

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