4L Trophy team credentials sponsored by CERL
4L Trophy team credentials sponsored by CERL
Transitaire CERL

The 2017 edition of the 4L Trophy ended on 26 February 2017. We indicated that this year CERL decided to sponsor the 1596 team of Olivier and Adrien.

Congratulations to our team who brilliantly finished the rally on time!

We now give the floor to Olivier and Adrien who wanted to share some of their experience with you.

The word to the team of Olivier and Adrien

After a long journey from Charvieu-Chavagneux, passing through Angoulême, Biarritz, Salamanca, Algeciras, Tangiers, Rabat, Boulajoul, Marrakesh, Tangier, Algeciras, Valencia, Barcelona, Perpignan and Charvieu-Chavagneux.

Having bivouacked in Salamanca, Algeciras, Boulajoul, Merzouga.

Traveled nearly 10000KM in 13 days.

After having met the poverty of the inhabitants of the desert and the 5-star hotels of Marrakech.

We came back, grown, and changed from this journey.

And all thanks to YOU

And we thank you very much.

Olivier NEW
Adrien LE DU

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