International special consignments and the transportation of heavy or out-of-gauge loads are a matter for specialists, requiring both experience and innovation.

Each special, heavy or out-of-gauge load is a special and unique case in its own right.

CERL has built up its organisation and services based on tailored transport solutions with each unique transport assignment becoming a CERL service perfectly adapted to the company’s strategy.

CERL has the solutions to your logistical challenges, enabling us to ship just about anything to the other side of the world :

  • Construction equipment, whether mobile or otherwise (mechanical diggers, cranes, compressors, electric generating sets, concrete-mixing equipment, etc.),
  • Site equipment and materials (tooling, pipes, scaffolding, etc.),
  • Rolling stock or equipment carried on flat-bed trailer,
  • Machines for infrastructure or energy projects (turbines, wind turbines, heat exchangers, offshore equipment, etc.),
  • Machines or equipment for heavy industry (forgings, drums and reels, tanks, etc.).

The various requirements to be satisfied for a special consignment include :

  • Advance study – route planning,
  • Administrative authorisations from the relevant authorities,
  • Regulatory compliance,
  • Deployment of handling systems and resources,
  • Suitably adapted vehicles: flat-bed trailer, platform truck, etc.,
  • Choice of port and terminals,
  • Customs-related operations: temporary or final,
  • Monitoring the loading/unloading,
  • Delivery to the work site or construction site,
  • Delivery to remote or hazardous locations,
  • Deadline compliance,
  • Operational coordination and tracking.

Our completed projects

Discover some of CERL’s successes in the field of special consignments and heavy loads. They are the ultimate showcase for our unique know-how.

Transport of 4 locomotives from Spain to Madagascar

Transport of 4 locomotives from Spain to Madagascar

At the beginning of 2020, CERL transported four 56 tons locomotives from the port of Santander […]
Transport of 4 parcels and 6 trucks between Valence and Toulon

Transport of 4 parcels and 6 trucks between Valence and Toulon

In June 2019, CERL carried out the transport of 4 packages of 60 unit tons and […]


exclusive CERLVirtually all of the loading and unloading operations for heavy or out-of-gauge loads are carried out under the supervision of personnel working for or on behalf of CERL.

Our latest news on Special consignments and heavy loads

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