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Our Completed projects

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Transport of 4 locomotives from Spain to Madagascar

At the beginning of 2020, CERL transported four 56 tons locomotives from the port of Santander […]

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Transport of 4 parcels and 6 trucks between Valence and Toulon

In June 2019, CERL carried out the transport of 4 packages of 60 unit tons and […]

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Transport of a press and a crate from Lyon to Fos

In October 2018, CERL carried out the barge transport of a press and road transport of […]

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Special consignments from the Lyon area to Fos

CERL realized at the beginning of the year the transport of a special consignments from from […]

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Boilers from port of Cherbourg to the nuclear plant of Flamanville

CERL has recently transported two boilers from port of Cherbourg to the nuclear plant of Flamanville […]

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Transport of a CALM Buoy with accessories to Alexandria

In the summer of 2017, CERL successfully transported a mooring buoy (CALM BUOY) with ten additional [...]
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Equipment and accessories to Venezuela

CERL carried the transport of materials and accessories from Europe, USA and South America in Venezuela. These […]

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Tank to Antwerp in Belgium

In April 2016, CERL has made transport Tank of Port Edouard Herriot in France to Antwerp […]

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Autoclave transport to Civrieux d’Azergues in France

Realization of exceptional heavy lift transport a tank of Cassina de ‘Pecchi – Livarno (Italy) to […]

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Reels and crates to Moss in Norway

CERL has recently conducted a maritime transport of reels and crates to Moss in Norway : […]

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