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Digital tachographs arrive in June 2019

From June 15, 2019 a latest-generation tachograph will have to be installed in new trucks. The […]

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Brexit, what consequences for your transport goods?

Britain will come out of the European Union on March 31, 2019. Changes for carriers will […]

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The World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index 2018

The World Bank has published its 6th report on the logistical performance of the countries of […]

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The puzzles of rules of origin of goods

Rules of origin are criteria for determining the country of origin of a product. But in […]

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The annual road freight transport social 2018

The annual Road Transport Balance Sheet provides the road transport sector with an economic framework and […]

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A guide for producers and distributors, Made in France

The ‘Direction Générale des Entreprises’ recently published a practical guide for producers and distributors. It details […]

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Record for the port of Antwerp

The port of Antwerp recorded in 2017 a traffic of 224 million tons of goods, an […]

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CERL Newsletter November 2017

Eve Bésilie, poet and legendary humanist, said that “We should trust that time will pass; the […]

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