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Global association for the digitization of the container market

Five of the largest container ship owners in the world intend to create an association to […]

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Import into the European Union, the customs value guide

The European Union publishes the 2018 version of the Guide to Customs Valuation. Very useful, it […]

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A global alliance in the fight against carbon emissions

The GloMEEP project (Global maritime energy efficiency partnerships) is the child of several major players in […]

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Autonomous container-carriers for tomorrow?

In a few months, a major project will take shape on the side of Norway. The […]

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Mega alliances, marine cargo in a spot of turbulence

While nearly half of maritime companies disappeared in 2016, survivors are trying to resist … They […]

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New SOLAS Agreement, initial results and success for CERL and its customers

Nearly 6 months after the new SOLAS agreement and the compulsory Verified Gross Mass declaration came […]

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Declaration forms for Solas agreement

Since July 1, 2016, companies referred to as « shippers » of goods now have to […]

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New alliances for shipping

In a highly competitive and ever lower freight rates and new shipping alliances have just concluded. […]

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